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Local search marketing is essential for every small business. According to Google, 2/3 of all U.S. households search online for local businesses. 1 in 2 mobile phone searches are people looking for local businesses.

If you aren’t managing your local and mobile marketing,  you are losing customers and money. Integrating local and mobile marketing with social and traditional marketing encourages a sense of community contact that can help develop relationships with people who may become your customer, client or partner now, and in the future.

Effective strategies that include Local and Mobile Marketing have been proven to increase online visibility with your target customer, client or partner.

Successful Small Business Marketing requires an investment of time and expertise. It is a process that needs to be methodically planned, executed, and carefully tracked.

At Minion Media Marketing, we help you to create a realistic plan, put it into action and monitor the results, so you can remain focused on what is important; running your successful business!
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Top Six Mistakes