"What Is A Cynic? A Man Who Knows The Price of Everything And The Value of Nothing" -Oscar Wilde
Influence Marketing

How do you leverage your knowledge and expertise of your profession or industry and convince your potential clients to choose you over the competition?  

Nothing builds real credibility faster than having articles syndicated out to dozens of online media sites like ABC, NBC, FOX, within days of publication.
Until recently, this kind of media exposure had been too expensive and too hard to find for entrepreneurs and business owners, and was reserved for those with very large advertising budgets and ‘connections’ within the media. Now all that is changing.

I help business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and even employees achieve a level of authority to obtain high levels of success. Authority is about positioning yourself the right way, so that others will call you the expert!

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Video Marketing


Are you using video commercials  in your business? Our pre-formatted commercial videos are branded with your business logo and information along with music, and have been produced using professional  actors, making our videos easily affordable.

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